“Perhaps the most startling and novel item was “MOTH,” … with projections of infrared camera and Live Image Capture technology as well as dance.
Startling and innovative, and riveting to watch.”
– Broadwaybaby.com, Edinburgh, Scotland

Deeply inspired by their work as dancers in Alwin Nikolais’ and Murray Louis’ repertoire, Kim Gibilisco and Eric Dunlap come together to form EnteraKt.  Interested in developing the theatrical concepts they learned through the Nikolais/Louis repertory, they work collectively to integrate new technology to reveal fresh perspectives on movement.  EnteraKt creates multimedia works using live image capture and motion triggered technology.  Gibilisco choreographs for the dancers and stages improvisations as Dunlap manipulates this data live using Modul 8 software, infrared cameras, Kinect technology and projections. The interactive, live performances by the artists showcase the power of improvisation and make each performance completely unique.  Committed to creating thoughtful work that honors their modern dance heritage in the Nikolais/Louis tradition, Gibilisco and Dunlap strive to leave a positive, creative legacy as choreographers, performers and dance educators.

Original commissions as well as group repertory from Gibilisco’s company repertory can be mounted on students and professional companies. During creative residencies, Gibilisco highlights the technical virtuosity of each dancer and honors their unique qualities by creating signature phrases for them.  These residencies may also include EnteraKt workshops where dancers learn how to work in and manipulate the technology used by Dunlap, modern dance technique, improvisation, composition and Pilates classes with Gibilisco.





Broadway Baby Review
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